What we’re about.

Our approach to learning is based on experimentation, exploration and discovery.
Children learn at their own pace and are given individual attention.

A play based learning approach

  • We encourage children to be independent and to use creative and scientific thinking skills using their imagination.
  • We facilitate learning through play and our curriculum is mainly of an emergent nature, letting the children guide us with relevant topics of interest to them.
  • Our curriculum consists of relevant project based experiences integrating all learning areas.
  • We incorporate aspects of the Reggio – Emilia, and other philosophies in our learning experiences.
  • The assessment of children is continuous and part of their daily experiences.
  • We encourage the children to be active and engaging participants in learning.
  • We support the learning of multi languages.
  • We instil a desire for learning, conversation , discovery, questioning and research.

A typical daily routine

07h00 – 08h00 Arrival time and free play
08h00 – 08h20 Settling in and First morning planning ring
08h20 – 09h20 Art/ Cultural / discovery and exploration activity time
09h20 – 09h30  Tidy Up time
09h30 – 10h00  Language / discussion / music /
10h00 – 10h30 Snack time
10h00 – 11h20  Outdoor play
11h20 – 11h30 Tidy up time
11h30 – 12h00 Movement ring / story
12h00 – 13h30 Lunch time and rest period
13h30 – 14h00  Collection time
14h00 – 17h00  After- care

Included in our school day – No extra cost

Music: percussion, dance, appreciation, multi cultural
Science/ cooking
Growing vegetables
Socio emotional skills
Visual / Auditory perceptual skills
Gross motor development
IT skills

Language skills 






Meet Petra

When I was a little girl, I knew, without any doubt, that when I grew up, I wanted to be a Nursery School teacher.  I was born with a love and passion for nurturing young minds and educating young children, this kept me focused on my vision.  After completing my four year degree in ECD teaching, my dreams awoke and my journey started.

Straight after graduation, I was offered a post at Belgravia Dominican Convent, as Head of Grade 0.  I was literally thrown into the deep end but managed to convert their very formal Grade 0 section into a ‘learning through play’ environment.
I brought in sand and water troughs and provided many opportunities for the children to experience opportunities of learning through discovery, play, music, dance and movement.  I was young and bold and therefore prepared to take risks, lucky for me, they worked out.

In 1992, I started Petra’s Edu-Playgroup in my parents’ spare garage at home with two pupils.  Within a few weeks, my playgroup was growing steadily, all by word of mouth.  In 1994, we moved premises to Milner Avenue as we needed more space to accommodate four groups.  In 2002, we moved yet again as Petra’s Edu-Playgroup needed even more SPACE.
It was then that we moved to our present premises, 34 Wordsworth Avenue, where the property is dedicated to the pre-school.

While Petra’s Edu-Playgroup was growing, I was approached by St Andrew’s School for Girls in Senderwood, to start a pre-school for them.  In 2004, Petra’s @ St Andrews was started and needless to say, by 2005, we had 6 groups running.
For 12 years I headed and ran Petra’s @ St Andrews, as well as Petra’s Edu-Playgroup.  After these 12 successful and happy years, I decided to focus solely on Petra’s Edu-Playgroup.  I wanted to put all my energy into creating an exciting environment where children can discover, learn, explore, invent, create and learn through play, and to be present in their learning experiences.

I want each child to experience a stress-free homely environment each day, where they can safely play outdoors, grow vegetables, play in mud, be involved in cooking, eat wholesome meals, ride bicycles, climb trees and to be exposed to various languages, just as I did when growing up.

Community Service

We support and work together with the Wings of Hope School in Belgravia.